Justice is Wrongly Served

After listening to the hit podcast Serial, I have come to the conclusion that Adnan Syed has been wrongfully convicted of his murder charges. They say that you’re innocent until proven guilty, but that was not the case for Adnan.

Serial’s Adnan Syed seen for the first time

Adnan Syed was found guilty and charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee on February 25, 2000. However, I truly feel that there were many crucial pieces of evidence within the case that were disregarded, and this ignorance led to a possibly innocent man being imprisoned for life.

A major issue I noticed was the lack of reliable sources. Jay Wilds was a close friend of Adnan, but during the trial managed to majorly messed things up for him. There is many inconsistencies in the interviews he gives, including a constantly changing story in relation to phone calls, which was proven to be a lie based on the cell phone records.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 9.03.50 PM
Cell Phone Call Log

If Jay was unable to tell the truth about the calls that were made, why was there no suspicion that he was not a valid witness? Josh, a character from the 12th episode of Serial, is able to back this up. He says, “Jay sometimes made things up that he didn’t do” (Serial: Season One). Someone who personally knew Jay was able to testify that he is not always truthful, and this is something that can’t be overlooked so easily. Jay pointed all evidence towards Adnan being guilty, but this evidence can not be legitimized when the source is proven to be dishonest.

A major component of my belief in Adnan’s innocence is with his alibi, Asia McClain. Asia was never contacted by Adnan’s lawyers, and therefore was not able to be used as an alibi. However, Asia sent many letters that stated Adnan was in the library at the time the murder was said to have taken place. This is information that could have saved Adnan from a lifetime sentence in prison.

Real letter to Adnan from Asia

As well, she gave an affidavit in 2015, that gives detailed information on hers and Adnan’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. She swears that she left the school at 2:15, and at 2:30 saw Adnan in the library. She says that she then exited the library at 2:40, and that Adnan was still there when she left. Obviously, if Adnan was still at the library at 2:40, it is impossible for him to have been at the scene of the crime during the murder that was said to happen at 2:36 that same day.

Affidavit from Asia

All in all, I do not think there was sufficient evidence to label Adnan Syed as a killer. An innocent man is spending his life in prison, for a case that should not have been closed so soon.

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